Ideas for sequence 1

Idea 1 - Le Havre, March 1900

The Operation X freighter arrives at Le Havre (France). It is joined by Bennett , who’s arrived from London. Jessie spies on the meeting between Bennett and his lieutenants and hear part of Bennett’s plans for Hausendorf. But she is spotted. After a chase on the freighter, she jumps in the water and manages to escape.

Idea 2 - Clichy, April 1900

Many possible scenes between Jessie and her companion, where we see for example Jessie hiding her clandestine activities (making a threat letter by cutting out the characters in a newspaper, maintenance of her weapons, shooting training). Jessie is very independent and very secretive, and it is clear the companion awaits a deeper relationship that does not come.

Idea 3 - Clichy/Paris/Clichy, May 1900

Jessie intends to scare Hausendorf by strafing her windows. She therefore goes from Clichy to Neuilly (tram? cab?), Disguised as an “au pair”, carrying a huge suitcase which contained in particular her Winchester 1892 carbine (which she doesn’t want to disassemble). Along the way, does she meet mocking Parisian women? Street kids? Does she think of her past with the Indians when she hears a newspaper salesman shouting “A new crime by the apaches!” "? Is she taking a nap on the banks of the Seine while waiting for the night?

I’m getting a Adele Blanc-Sec Fin-de-Siecle vibe here with a bit of Sillage-like savage innocent past back story. So far so good. Having a sidekick - especially one who is secretly in love with our protagonist is a good, solid basis for exposition at the start and and stupid heroics later on. But why is she doing what she’s doing? Who are Bennett and Hausendorf?

Hi @JunkMonkey and welcome.
Bennett is Jessie’s father. Hausendorf is Bennett’s “hired gun”. Please see here for more details. You might find it’s still a bit fuzzy there, but don’t hesitate to ask questions on that page.

Idea 3 got some positive feedback on the French forum.

Scene 1 could look like this:

We are at an omnibus station in central Paris (exact location to be determined). It makes for a beautiful historic setting. We see Jessie get off a horse-drawn omnibus with her big suitcase, hustling/annoying people to exit. She is mocked by a group of extrovert Parisian women. A punchy dialog starts, as Jessie is not the shy type (including humor? feminism?). Then Jessie hails a cab and leaves for Neuilly.

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Ok, this is a done deal, let’s go with idea 3.

Based on discussions here, Josie cohabiting with a worker in Clichy is implausible. Hence, she travelling back and forth from Clichy doesn’t make sense anymore. Consequently, I will propose an evolution of idea 3 on the left. Please tell me your thoughts.