Terms of Service and Participation

ARTICLE 1: Definitions

The Terms : this document.

The Organizers : Silvio Speca and Pedro Varek (natural persons).

The Collective Work : an action-adventure, European-style graphic novel, whose story takes place mainly around 1900.

The Project : a project of realization of the Collective Work by the Organizers, with the participation of voluntary Internet users.

The Site : the website serving as a platform for the Project, currently accessible at www.castafiore.org (French version) and en.castafiore.org (English version), including all services it offers to discuss, vote, contribute, etc.

User : a person using the Site.

Member : a User who has created an account on the Site.

Contribution : an action (vote, etc.) or content provided by a Member on the Site. Such content contains, for example, textual elements (comments, suggestions, criticisms, pieces of script or dialogue, etc.) or graphics (diagrams, drawings, etc.).

Contributor : a Member who has made one contribution or more.

ARTICLE 2: Purpose

The Terms govern how to use the Site and participate in the Project. They constitute the contract between the Organizers and the User.

Access to the site by the User signifies his acceptance of the Terms. Any User not agreeing with the Terms must renounce using the Site and participate in the Project.

The Terms are subject to change, in which case Users will be informed.

ARTICLE 3: Legal notices

The Site is edited by the Organizers. Contact: pedro . varek [at] gmail . com or via the Site’s direct messaging service.

The Site is hosted by OVH, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €10,069,020 and head office situated 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France.

ARTICLE 4: Access to the Site

Access to the Site is free to anyone having an Internet connection.

The Site inaccessibility or malfunction does not entitle Users to any compensation.

The Member agrees to be the only one to use his account on the Site, in particular by protecting the secret of his password and the access to his electronic messaging service. He is solely responsible for the use of his account by a third party.

ARTICLE 5: Personal identification data

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

ARTICLE 6: Contributions

Any Contribution must respect the netiquette and applicable laws. The Contributor agrees to be the only author of his Contributions and remains solely responsible for them.

Site moderators can delete or modify a Contribution if they deem it necessary.

ARTICLE 7: The Collective Work

The Collective Work, goal of the Project, is a graphic novel whose style, theme and initial elements of the script are provided by the Organizers.

During the creation of the Collective Work, the Organizers continuously submit to Users new graphic and textual elements, for debate and suggestions. Contributions made in return are integrated into the work or not, at the decision of the Organizers.

The final version of the Collective Work is produced by the Organizers.

Under article L113-5 of the French intellectual property code, the Organizers are sole owners of the Collective Work. They are therefore the only ones entitled to exploit it.

ARTICLE 8: Non-exploitation of the Collective Work

The Organizers renounce all commercial exploitation of the Collective Work. The Collective Work will be distributed free of charge on the Internet in digital format. Would it be printed, copies would be sold at cost price.

The non-exploitation of the Collective Work does not mean that the Organizers renounce any remuneration. The Project represents, for each of them, one year of full-time work. They will therefore seek remuneration by other means: donations, subsidies, selling of derivatives, etc.

ARTICLE 9: Applicable law

The Terms are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Paris have sole jurisdiction.